Pretty & Polished: Hearts and Daggers over Kleancolor, Swatches

Before we get to the Pretty & Polished, this is the colour I layered it over – Kleancolor Shining Sea.

Base coat and one coat of Shining sea, this is such a pretty, shimmery deep aqua blue. It would probably look nicer at 2 coats, but as I was layering this and am a very lazy person, one coat was what I stuck with. Mr Husband noticed this polish, too. ‘Wow’, he says, ‘THAT’S a bright blue, I can see that from across the room!’ And so he could.

Easy application, lovely formula. Doesn’t stain 🙂 I like that it has larger flake type particles in it too, gives it a nice spark and texture (visually, it’s not lumpy at all).

Then here is the star of today’s show, Pretty & Polished Hearts & Daggers.

I bought this from Llarowe on sale, and it’s super pretty. So much going on with this one, but all in the colour scheme of red, white and black – yay power colours!

The base is cloudy because it’s suspension base, but goes on clear – there is a lot of teensy iridescent glitter in it too, to give it a punch of sparkle, as all the other glitters are matte.

I tell you this, though: this polish is HARD work. Kleancolor Aurora level hard, but with a nicer base and better end result. I shook this. I fished. I shook, and shook, and fished. I rolled, I twisted, I turned, in the end I got a stick and stirred the McFlurry out of it, and STILL had to fish. But look, I think I got all the glitters represented here –  and it’s so worth it.


For a uber glitter in a large amount of base it dries respectably fast. I topped it off with Kleancolor Fast Dry for these photos… and utterly adore it. I’m going to try it over a crème, next time, to get those iridescent glitters showing up.


A blurry macro to finish up on, showing some of the other glitters. And my poor photography 😀


Have a great day!

Ami 🙂


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