365 Days of Colour: Cotton Candy – Swatches

Here is Cotton Candy, my first ever polish by 365 Days of Color. It’s a pretty white based polished with plenty of pink and blue glitter hexes. Nice!

I checked out other swatches of this, and found a lot of two coat swatches. This wasn’t my experience – maybe it’s just my bottle, but this was very very sheer. At two coats it was almost nude with a sprinkle of glitter (clustered at my nail tips as I tried to even out my messy brush strokes hehe!). But at four coats it was a stunner.


This is four coats, no top coat. It didn’t need a top coat, this is the smoothest glitter inclusive polish I have tried so far.

Now, I hear some of you crying out ‘but I don’t have TIME to do four coats! I have things to do that I need functioning hands for!’ And I hear ya, yes I do. Fear not, functional human beings – this is a super quick drying polish. Four coats dried in less than the time a normal one coat polish would do for me. Seriously. I didn’t put fast dry top coat on because it would.have.slowed.it.down. Slap it on, read a blog or check Facebook: doneburgers.

It also lasted well without topcoat – going a day and a half before it chipped. (For reference, every single OPI I own will chip on me within 5 hours. Soft nails, gotta love them). A sales attendant told me they looked like sprinkles, and now she craved sprinkle biscuits – thank me very much. heh heh heh.

To me, it didn’t look a lot like food, and I’m ok with that. Obviously it does for some people. What I thought was that this would be the perfect polish to wear to a baby shower where the gender of the baby/babies isn’t known or told. Funny, but that’s what it looked like to me. Sweet, soft, innocent, and covers all the bases. It would also be a work appropriate colour, incorporating glitter. I’m finding more of them, and loving them all!

Have a great day



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  1. Nice…looks similar to Nails Inc Sweets Way.

  2. Ooh very cute! I see what the salesgirl meant, it reminds me of 100s and 1000s biscuits, but in white instead of pink! Hehe.

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