Chicken and Chick update!

So, Spring has sprung with a noise  somewhat like SPRRROOIIIINGGG…cheep!

Feral hatched her six eggs with no help required, as per my earlier post here, and has kept them all alive and happy. She’s a legend. Brave (the chicken who used to sit on my head when I went out to feed them) did similar, but with eight chicks.

Now they all hang out together, and there is a fluffy river of chicks in the yard.

Then the fun started in earnest – with somewhere between 4 and 8 chickens deciding to go broody in the shed, pinch each others eggs, steal new eggs that were being laid, abandon newly hatched chicks… argh. I ended up implementing a ‘first to hatch a chick and be an actual mother gets ALL the chicks for awhile’ policy, which (touch wood) is working: We now have Buffy (a Buff Orpington cross, NOT for the vampire slayer) with 5 chicks, and Jet (my huge black and brown Orpy) now with 8.

These vary in age, because some of the chicks were abandoned by their stoopid broody mothers and there was no adoptive parent available at the time, so I’ve also had various numbers of chicks inside under lamps.

Two Orpington Crosses (look like penguins), two Old English Game Bantams (look like bumblebees)

Luckily, since the first one, Cornelius, I havent had to sleep beside any and pat them all night to keep them happy. He had a semi-hernia, but he survived. I also found two so close to frozen that I thought they were dead, but once I noticed they had a slight pulse I tucked them up against me until they warmed to body temp and started moving, then put them under the lamps, and they’ve both made it. YAY!

Cornelius – from the shell I’m guessing he’s purebred Orpington 🙂


Note on the strange naming system: I name my birds by the year they hatch, now. All chicks bought/born last year have names starting with B, they were my second year birds. This year they have to start with C. Let me tell you, that leads to temptation when you’re a potty mouth like me, and they’re peeping in the middle of the night 😀

My first ever photo of a chick yawning… this is Chaos Chick, one of the almost-frozen-to-death chicks, 1.5 hours after I found him. The strongest chick I’ve EVER seen. Possibly half Orpy, half Rhode Island Red – or Hyline. 🙂

Have a great day!


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  1. Teehee! Chickies! So cute :3
    I’m glad I’m not the only potty-mouth in the nail world 😉

  2. I love it!

  3. Wow your chicks are SO cute!!!! Jealous!!!

  4. Gorgeous! I want my own place so I can have breeding pets! Reminds me of my childhood with kittens everywhere! Your kiddies are lucky ones! Amazing!

    • I hope you get a place for cute animals – at the right time, of course 🙂 My kids just think everyone has floods of baby things everywhere – I think only as adults do we get to realise how fortunate we were 😀 It’s taught them a lot, and I’m grateful enough for all of us 😀 Thanks for reading 🙂

  5. I like your naming system. Congratulations on lots of lovely chicks. I have eggs ordered this week for my very first broody.

    • Thank you 🙂 Oooh how exciting, eggs!! Good luck with that – keep us updated? If you are keen, you can candle the eggs occasionally during their incubation, which is very cool. If the hen lets you 😀

  6. Aww! Congratulations on your new family members! ^_^ We just got more chicks from our supplier a few days ago, and our family chickens have 5 babies total…used to have more but a hawk took them away. 😦 now all of our chickens live in their run. 🙂

    • yay, babies! I lost one yesterday, it fell in the big chicken drinking trough (in the area they’re not allowed in) and drowned 😦 😦 😦 Another hen now has 3, and another has 5 – so I have 38 babie chicks now *boggly eyes*. I’d love to see some photos of your chickees!

  7. Hi. I’m interested in your chick named Chaos did it turn out to be Orpington/hyline? I’ve got hyline hens and a blue Orpington rooster & wondered what the offspring would end up like? Nice large & good egg laying birds was what I was hoping.

    • Chaos was half Rhode Island Red, it turns out! And interestingly enough, every single one of my Rhodie crosses chicks were roosters. Most didn’t make it to hatching. Strange. Anyway, I do have a Gold Spangled Hamburg x Hyline chicken, and even though Hamburgs are light birds she’s a good size, and lays great eggs. I’d cross Orps and Hylines, for sure! If it works for you, please let me know how you get on? I’d love to see people cross out from the Hyline to a healthy, good egg laying bird 😀

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