All That Glitters: Book Smart Beauty – Swatches

This is my other All That Glitters polish, Book Smart Beauty.

This is from her princess collection – and they all look gorgeous so it was hard to choose one, but this was the most different to anything I have in my collection. I layered one coat of this over one coat of China Glaze Swanky Silk, and topped it off with Kleancolor Fast Dry.

I really liked this: it was classy and subtle and blingy all at the same time. It lasted really well, and dried pretty quickly. There are rose gold glitters and holographic glitters, packed into a clear base. It’s so packed that I think it should be opaque in a few coats, and I’ll try that soon and add those photos!

One coat over Swanky Silk, indirect sunlight

One thing I adored was how flat these glitters lay – just awesome.

One coat over Swanky Silk, indirect sunlight

And here’s a blurry shot of it in action – with Cornelius, the first chick I had to handrear (for a few days, anyway, until I found him an adoptive mummy) of the season..

Pre post script! Heh. Here it is on it’s own, with a PVA base coat and Kleancolor Fast Dry top coat. This is two coats of Book Smart Beauty, and it’s as close to opaque as could be – another coat would probably slow the dry time down a lot and add no visible difference.

three coats Book Smart Beauty, indirect sunlight

This is stunning on it’s own! It’s gorgeous rose gold colour, and glittery with holographic flecks but still kept the classy look. Impressive!

Three coats Book Smart Beauty, direct sunlight and blurry to show the holographic sparkle

Also impressive was just how smooth this was (very), and how easy to apply (also very). Dry time was slightly on the longer side of average, but it’s worth the wait.

Three coats of Book Smart Beauty, direct sunlight

Have a great day,

Ami 🙂


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  1. Oh gosh. Oh wow! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! 100% need this polish! This is sooo me it isn’t even funny 😀
    Pst… I love your swatches ❤

  2. I actually really, really like this shade! It looks pretty on you!

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