Fun Mani with Kleancolor Boogie Nights, Starry Meteor, Blind Date and More!

This was my mornings fun swatch mani! I had a few Kleancolors and wanted to get them done at once, so what better way than to combine them, right?

Well, this is Kleancolor Boogie Nights – two coats, no top coat. This name confuses me: most Kleancolors are fairly unimaginative unless they’re some strange glitter, so for this I’d have expected ‘Shimmery Orange” or something. But hey πŸ˜€ It’s GORGEOUS. Super easy to apply, quick drying, flattering. An orange I love? YES!

Some photos

Some more photos

Son number 2 getting in on the hand photography action πŸ˜€

Then, I added Kleancolor Starry Meteor to one side, on the diagonal bias. I just used the brush for this, but it’s so sheer I could get away with it.

Starry Meteor is green in the bottle, but almost sheer on: miniscule green glitters, greenish/blue little glitter and long silver bars.

in the shade…

Over the orange it was barely noticable, just those glitters. Cool, means I can use it over EVERYTHING! SCORE!

sunlight πŸ™‚

Then I used Kleancolor Blind Date,Β a clear base with multi coloured glittery stars, some of which are holo.

DON’T, under any circumstances other than the most dire, use this directly. You’ll have 10 inch nails – thick, not long – and they’ll never dry, and all nails will have 1 star on it. Sad, but true.

What I did was brush the polish onto some plastic (paper would also work) and use a dotting tool to transfer each star to where I wanted it. Sounds like too much work? Not compared to waiting 7 years for a polish to try, and still not having stars upon tharsΒ  πŸ˜€

shade πŸ™‚

And finally, I added a stripe from my L.A Colors Art Deco nail art polish, which is silver. This is sort of inspired by sister V, who always puts nail art stripes on any nail she’s unsure about. It works! It breaks up the expanse of colour. I was using it to pull it together, but it still worked I think. And a coat of Kleancolor Fast Dry.

I did like this, quite a lot. But…it reminded me a LOT of the overalls I wore when I was part of the PN Civil Defense Rescue team. I loved that team, but this mani made me laugh whenever I saw it. I am sure there are more city councils around the planet that use orange and silver overalls – could be a great matching look for them!

Have a great, suprisingly amusing day

Ami πŸ™‚


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  1. Yay! I love Boogie Nights too, it’s an awesome orange :3
    I think I want to pick up that silver striper too, I don’t have one! I only have a silver glitter striper. Le sad!

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