Darling Diva Polish: Chrome Job Swatches

This is another super polish from Carrie of Darling Diva Polish: Chrome Job. This is from her Battlestar Galactica collection; the name is slang for the Cylons – robot people whom the human people are battling with.

Chrome Job is a glitterbomb in a clear base, and I immediately thought of Megan from Two Lacquered Girls when I saw it 😀 It’s multi-shaped silver (hexes, bars and tiny glitter, mostly), large gunmetal grey squares, small black hexes and matte red squares. Because it’s in a clear base it’s made for layering, and I used  Zoya Dannii because a) I thought it’d suit and b) I already had it on. Bonus! 😀

Love the red glitters against the purple base! Looks opulent, somehow.

Love it. This is two coats of Chrome Job over two coats of Dannii. You don’t need to fish for these glitters, you need to scrape your brush and put some back in the bottle, this polish is PACKED. There’s a bit of dabbing needed to cover all of the nail, but nothing strenous. I finished with a thick layer of Kleancolor Fast Dry to cover the glitters.

One thing I noted was the large gunmetal grey squares have a slight curve to them: I’ve read of curling glitter and I wouldn’t say these CURL, but they are curved. It was easy enough to flick them over so they go with the curve of my nail though – but if I missed one the edges did stick up. And then I pick at them.. don’t do that 😉 Also the bar glitters ate some top coat and stuck up in little frizzy fringes, so I’d recommend two coats of top coat for this one.

Just for fun I layered it over Misa Grey Matters – I want to see ALL the colours, so light tones work best I think. I’d also try it over light green and blue, and perhaps pink or yellow… it would be interesting! This looks great, too. Two coats Grey Matters, one coat Chrome Job, no top coat…

And two coats Chrome Job plus Kleancolor Fast Dry top coat, over the Grey Matters.

Inside lighting…


Loved it. It does take a while to dry, so put this on when you know you can read or interweb surf for awhile, then enjoy the insane glittery goodness from this! This photo was taken after 24 hours, one of the larger glitters started to peel and stick out: I think it’s a good idea to put a lot of top coat on to stop this from happening.

But look. Just look. It’s AWESOME. It’s blingy, and out there, and perfectly reminiscent of robots. I love it 🙂

Outside, full sun 🙂

Have a good day

Ami 🙂

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