Kleancolor Metallic Yellow, 24 Karat, and Black Crackle

This is Kleancolor Metallic Yellow, and basically it’s my perfect gold polish shade.  I wish I’d had this for the 31 Day Book Challenge, as it would make the perfect base for the One Ring mani. Look!

Kleancolor Metallic Yellow

This is two super easy coats, no top coat. It’s shimmery and beautiful. I had a PVA base coat under it.

Then, because I had it, I added a layer of Kleancolor 24 Karat, which is a lovely gold and holographic glitter in a clear base. It also has these really awesome silver with a pink flash diamond shaped glitters – although I personally think they look less like a diamond, and more like the snap-off bits from a Stanley or craft knife. hehehe.

Wow, that upped the bling factor! I LOVED this. I’ll wear it again for sure.

Then I added a CR black crackle I bought from the Otaki Coin Save, because the effect pattern on the top looked like a crocodile effect.

It’s not. But, when painted on the diagonal, it’s not too far off it! The vertical (normal up and down) looked ok, and the horizontal… eek. Burn that braincell. But the diagonal looks quite fun, I think. And I like the little knife blade glitters peeking through…

This was finished off with a coat of Kleancolor Fast Dry.. which actually dried fast. It was super strong, lasted a whole day and then a day involving digging a grave for a goat (poor Curly! He’ll be missed 😦 ) with no gloves.. and it didn’t chip at ALL.

Have a great day, full of glitter and no graves!

Ami 🙂


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  1. Yay! I have all these polishes, I’m definitely guna try them all together 😀

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