Swamp thing manicures!

Neither of these were really intended as Swamp Thing manicures, but I’m really pleased they turned out the way they did.

The first, a week or so ago, was a jelly sandwich of Mode Say Cheese (deep yellow jelly) with an in between layer of BYS Dazzling and finished with a last coat of Say Cheese.

I loved this look!

Radioactive swamp snot hehehe. A whole hand shot…

And todays: this is Jordana Green Glitz: A very pretty grass-ish green with holographic glitters and bar glitters.

These photos are 3 coats, it’s fairly sheer but not streaky, and dries super fast. Without top coat it’s a bit matte and a fair bit lumpy, but still very pretty.

Then, I used CR 16 yellow crackle, applied diagonally, and Kleancolor Fast Dry top coat.

Hehehe, look! Reptile nails!

Even Mr Husband Man liked these, he thought they were crocodile nails, which is awesome. Any mani he likes I make sure I brag about 😀

This dried fast and strong, no danger of chipping these quickly. I hope it doesn’t stain, because I didn’t use a base coat.. whoops. You’d have thought I’d have learnt after the Kleancolor Metallic Green incident, but you’d have thought wrroongg… (p.s. it didn’t stain!)

Have a lovely day!

Ami 🙂


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  1. Ooh very cool and swampy!! Fits in with all the halloween manis I’ve been seeing everywhere :O

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