Layla Hologram Effect Ombre Nails – aka the “hundred bucks mani”

My sister V, mother G, and myself all had a girls night at my mothers place a few weeks ago. My mother has the full collection of Layla hologram effect polishes. What’s a girl to do, right? When you want to wear them all.. OMBRE!

My left hand:

And just the fingers…

Love the effect.. and the holographicity of this!

From left to right (pinky to thumb) : Coral Glam, Retro Pink, Shock Pink, Red Taboo, and Purple Illusion. They all had three easy coats, no base coat, and were topped with Layla Brilliant top coat. Retro Pink could have used another coat, that was very sheer. Super pretty though, as they all are.

Then on my right hand (apologies in advance, it’s hard to take a photo of your right hand, plus it’s my dominant hand and my cuticles get ABUSED. Sorry!)

See? Still MUCH better at painting my non-dominant hand, even after years of experience. sigh

And the fingers…

This one from right to left (eg pinky to thumb): Ultra Violet, Cloudy Violet, Misty Blush, Coffee Love and Flash Black. Misty Blush had a seriously hard-to-work formula, and needed 4 coats – Coffee Love was a pretty good formula in comparison, but still needed that fourth coat. The rest were three nice coats topped with Brilliant top coat.  I am so in love with Cloudy Violet, I want that one for my own one day!

As for the title.. I commented to sister V that if I’d bought these polishes, it would have cost over $250 dollars (for all the bottles). And it looks a million dollars! She then said, in her best ‘Lynne of Tawa’ accent: “looks a hundred bucks!” – which got us laughing and calling each other names all night. Good times. 😀


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  1. Holy balls, so much sparkly goodness! :O You’re definitely lucky your mum purchased them all, even if it is madness on the bank account >_<

  2. NEW COLOR CLUBS ARE OUT ON HEAD2TOE! eep sorry >< so excited!

  3. I LOVE the Layla Holo’s !! Awesome!

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