Kleancolor Retro Green – Swatches and Crackle

One beautiful coat, super amazing formula. Lovely deeeeep green with green/teal shimmer. Stunning.

See? The stainage was from a previous polish which I didn’t quite clean up properly. Sorry about that.

This is a very blackened green, but the shimmer saves it from looking black 🙂


Easy removal, no staining, believe it or not!

Whole hand photo to show the effect at a distance – very pretty.

One coat of L.A.Girl Cracked – silver. I put this on with diagonal stripes, so it cracked along that line, rather than the standard straight up-and-down crack. I really like that effect now! I know! Argh heheh 😀  A coat of Kleancolor Fast Dry topcoat and I called it done 😀

Look at the shimmer peeking through 🙂

Have a great day everyone! I am about to do some moving and hauling of the tree that we had to have cut down, yesterday, and escape into town ON MY OWN. Bllliiisssssss 😀 There *may* be nail polish purchased. You know I’ll let you know 😉

Ami 🙂


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  1. Oooh I love KC Retro Green *shiny eyes* I haven’t seen crackle polish applied that way before, I’ll have to try it out! Looks great 😀
    Hope you have a good time in town and get some pretties to share 😀

    • It’s a super nice polish – I highly recommend it! Hehehe silly crackle application: it works for me. I think it’s much more reptilian than normal, which I do like. I had a great time, much Xmas prezzy buying and not many polishes… some nail stickers though, from Spotlight of all places, for $6! OooOOOO!

  2. fashionforlunch

    Looks really cool!!!

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