Layla Coffee Love over Color Club Nothing But Truffle

I do love to layer Layla hologram effect nail polishes. One, because it changes their colour. Two, because they are expensive polishes ($25 for 10 ml) and so I use less of it, and still get a gorgeous holographic effect.

This is 1 thin coat of Layla Coffee Love over two coats of Color Club Nothing But Truffle; a stunning deep dark chocolate brown with milk chocolate coloured shimmer. Now this, this is the colour I wanted Coffee Love to be: inside it has a lovely deep coffee colour to it….

And outside it caught FIRE!


And some more photos. Wear time on this was very good, even though I didn’t use a top coat. Color Club make some AMAZINGLY good polishes! 🙂

My hands have taken a hammering lately: change of seasons, cleaning and gardening, so I’m getting a lot of cuticle staining. It wasn’t from these polishes – both have very good formula and stay where you put them, but from a previous one. I apologise though! Just look at the rainbows! 😀

Blurry for extra rainbow effect!

And a gratuitous ‘look-at-a-rooster-across-sparkly-nails’ photo. Life can be good 😀

Have a great day!

Ami 🙂


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  1. fashionforlunch

    Love this colour!
    Neatly applied too!

  2. skaytanikpolishes

    I do the same thing with Layla Holos! They’re awesome for layering- esp. Red Taboo because it’s more fuchsia than red 😛 Love the truffle color!

    • I should have taken a photo of Nothing But Truffle by itself, it’s the nicest dark brown with gold shimmer. Next time! Red Taboo is completely pink, isn’t it? But so gorgeous! The Emerald didn’t want to layer, but most of the others are happy enough 😀 Thanks for the comments!

      • skaytanikpolishes

        I bought it off Sneakpeeq when they had them on sale- they usually have good beauty steals on polish about once a week.

        (Here’s a link if you haven’t heard of them and you get a $10.00 credit )

        The pics made it look crimson red, but it’s totally not 😦 The holo is pretty but I’m not a fan of the color. I layer it over hot pink or bright red because it’s inbetween-ness of the two colors makes it interchangeable. I ordered their Emerald and Gold colors a couple days ago, and I’m hoping they’re more true to color.

      • Hate it when colours don’t match! I swatched the Emerald a little while back and think it’s pretty true to the colour, I have Gold here but have only tried it once, its a bit greener toned than it looks, I think but pretty colour accurate, and super holo as they all are. I’ll check that site out, thanks for that!

  3. ooh must borrow the truffle off you sometime, it looks stunning.
    The layla top coat that you get at Candy girls doesnt diminish the colour at all and makes the nail polish wear at least 2 to 3 times longer than on its own. expensive though.

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