Layla Mirror Effect: Cosmo Lilac – Swatches

Wow, what a stunning polish! My mother bought this from Candy Girl – a NZ based website. They are very friendly there, the Layla polishes are $25 each, which is reasonable for Layla polishes – and postage is not expensive, things are well packed and arrive very fast (and sometimes with lollipops and nail files!).

This is Layla Mirror Effect in Cosmo Lilac – and I seriously want one of this range. These photos are two coats, no top coat or base coat. I have read reviews elsewhere where a top coat wrinkled the polish, which is why I didn’t put one on. This dried very fast. It goes on like a normal polish – although with a bit of a  touchy formula: put it on and don’t go back over it! Then it dries and all the brushstrokes disappear… and what you have left is this amazing surface.

I did put a coat of Layla Brilliant Due topcoat on my little finger of my right hand, and that didn’t wrinkle or dull the shine, and it actually lasted over a day without any damage. Unfortunately, this polish is veddy, veddy, soft. It showed some signs of wear about 30 mins after applying it.

This would be  a great polish for a special occasion – but not for everyday use. I have read of clever people putting on one coat of this, then when it’s dry adding a top coat, which does dull the shine. But THEN add the next coat of Mirror Effect, and leave it at that – then even when the top wears theres a similar looking layer underneath. Me though, being the lazy that I am, just wore it and enjoyed it while it lasted.

Have a great day!

Ami 🙂


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  1. *eyes explode*
    So shiny! I want Layla polishes sooooo bad D:

    • they are beautiful. This was gorgeous – I really want one of my own some day. Though I have nail polish satisfaction at the moment, but soon… soon I will get a mirror chrome polish. I just wish they had colours that weren’t purple..

  2. OMG! I just said that out loud 🙂
    Looks like transfer foil. Since I and foil have a bad relationship, this polish is just perfect. WOW

    • heheheh I can tick that off my bucket list, then! (to make someone say that while looking at a nail polish) 😀 It DOES look like foil. Oh man, I’m too scared to try that transfer foil: I can do normal transfers that involve picking and placing, because mine tear and wrinkle 100% of the time. This was easy, fast, and stunning. Plus you could use it to create foil-esque dots etc… 🙂

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