Cult Nails Annalicious – quick swatches (plus bonus Ozotic 509)

This is Cult Nails Annalicious – one of the three Cult nails polishes I am a proud owner of, after Maria’s recent birthday sale. Wheee! This is Annalicious, a gorgeous mid red with red and gold shimmer.

Bottle close-up to show that gorgeous shimmer!

This is a stunning red. Just beautiful. And would you believe I had one of ‘those’ days and managed to muck up application, photos, and everything that could be mucked up?! It makes me quite unhappy, actually, to do such a poor job of swatching this. I WILL be doing justice to it later – but in the meantime, please accept these as substandard photos of the real thing, but may give some idea of the polish?

These photos have base coat and two coats of Annalicious, no top coat. All in the shade, no sun today. It covered beautifully in two coats, but I think I’d have preferred a third to deepen the colour that little bit more.

Cult Nails are Big 3 free, and don’t test on animals. These polishes are normally US $10 for 15ml – on sale they were US $7.

Macro… shade 🙂

Then, just for fun, I put a thin layer of Ozotic 509 over the top – which kept the depth of the red colour, and added an awesome holographic finish.

Love these polishes!

Have a great day



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  1. Mmmmmmm Ozotic. NEEEED! That red looks like a very nice red 😀

    • It is a very nice red. I just… couldn’t do it justice, and I feel bad about that. Maybe I was having an anti-red day? I will show it in all it’s glory sooon! The Ozotic is beautiful… you can get the greenish silver one still on their website, and it’s VERY similar to this one 🙂

  2. fashionforlunch

    Very cool colour! Quite an orange based red.

    • It is! Especially with those gold shimmer particles bouncing off the red – very orange glow, but not toooo orange. There will be better photos at some point! Thanks for reading 🙂

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