Kleancolor Metallic Red and Jordana Silver Jewel

A recent purchase from Beauty Joint, this is Kleancolor Metallic Red:

And it is really pretty! This is one coat over a PVA glue base coat, and it could probably use another to even up the colour depth a little, but there are certainly no issues with opacity. It’s a lovely burgandy red with fine silver shimmer, and dries pretty quickly indeed.

Why is it darker on my little fingernail? I just put more on, I guess! Whoops πŸ˜€

I dinged the base coat by mistake,and that shows through on my index finger. So here are the other three….

And today there was a suprise in the mail box – Danielle (or Del!)- fellow Kiwi nail blogger – sent me Jordana Silver Jewel, and I thought that would look nice over the Metallic Red.

And it did. Love it when a plan comes together πŸ˜€ Silver Jewel is small silver hexagonal glitter in a clear base – and it’s quite fun to work with! There’s always some glitter on the brush, but sometimes there’s a little, and sometimes a LOT. I quite like the effect though, sporadic bling.

This is one coat – dabbed, but not painstakingly so -over the Metallic Red – another coat would have added more blingies, but I liked the effect as it was. Disco balls on my nails!

Thanks so much, Danielle!

Have an awesome day



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  1. Squee! Love it! Glad you like it :3
    -Del x

  2. fashionforlunch

    Love the red glitter! Really really cool.

    • Thank you! very affordable too – all the Kleancolors are available online – I get them from beautyjoint. com for US$1.75 each plus postage – still ends up being delivered to NZ for about NZ $4 – which is VERY affordable for nail polishes here! πŸ˜€ Cheaper if you don’t live half a planet away, like I do πŸ˜€

  3. Does PVA base coat really work? And what does it do to your nails? I’m a little paranoid since my nails are so weak. BTW Kleancolor Metallic Red FTW!

    • It really does work. I find it can start chipping a lot earlier with some polishes – and then I can’t resist peeling it off. πŸ™‚ The way I see it, PVA is fine for rubbing all over your hands like we all should have done as kids (ahem or last week), and it’s gotta be better than acetone. Esp 10 mins of solid soaking acetone. I know my cuticles are heaps better since starting it! πŸ˜€ It’s an awesome colour, which I got thanks to you two! πŸ˜€

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