Day 30: A Tutorial

Day 30 of the 31 Day Nail Polish Challenge: A tutorial.

Now, it wasn’t until I had already taken the photos that I thought this could be INSPIRED by a tutorial – but too late. I made a tutorial for you instead. This tutorial is How To Go Crazy With Glitter Polish! 😀

First up: Base coat. Use PVA glue – it removes all the fear from glitter polish – as you can safely and easily peel if off. Effortless!

You can see it goes clear as it dries – which takes the guessing out of the occasion. It’s ready to paint on when it’s all clear 🙂

Then apply your first coat. I used Color Club Ruby Slippers. Pretty, huh? It does dry matte-ish, but with a top coat it’s Sparkle City!

Then, add another glitter! Match! Contrast! Whatever! I contrasted with Kleancolor Starry Purple – and really liked it.

Dot on more uber glittery polish: First, put a few dabs of polish on some non-absorbent paper – I used Color Club Gingerbread.

Dabbing polish onto paper to use for dotting…

Then dip your dotting tool (or end of an unwound paperclip!) into it, and dot onto your nails.

Admire effect.

Add another glitter! Go on, why not? If you hate it, peel it off! This is all about the crazy … I used L.A Girl Glitter Addict in Animate.

There you go! Of course you can keep going, or stop just a bit before step 1. Its a free world! Basically, sometimes I feel it all gets a bit ‘serious’ in the world of nails. I’m not all that serious a person when it comes to colour and paint on my nails. Go hard, have fun!

Have a great day


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  1. What’s Pva glue?

    • White craft glue – we just usually call it PVA (for polyvinyl acetate) here. It’s much the same ingredients as in the new peel off nail base coats, and a lot cheaper. I just cleaned an old polish bottle out with nail polish remover and poured in the glue and a bit of water to make it a nice consistancy 🙂

  2. Awesome! I have to get some glue, but I hate going into craft shops I end up buying way too much stuff I never end up using! Haha Conservative jobs a sucky for fun nail polish. 😦 When I have something too outrageous for work on and I forget (aka too lazy) to take it off it takes a bit of effort to hide my nails during a meeting! Luckily I am still at the bottom of the corporate ladder so meetings a pretty rare! Haha

    • I definitely understand the craft shop dilemma! 😀 So much of it can be used for nail art though, so no loss! The bright polish at work is awful, hey. Luckily I don’t have that problem at all! Seriously though, you can peel off a full mani in about 2 mins with the glue base, so if you get stuck with an emergency meeting (as they go to make you CEO!) then you’re safe! 😀

  3. I find that I’m becoming more and more addicted to glitter polishes…hahaha.

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