Day 28: Inspired by a Flag

So, this one was easy enough to come up with a concept – there’s ongoing wrangling in this country about what flag we should use – which gets a teeny bit tiring for me because they ALL want basically the same colours, and there are FAR more important things to be arguing about than a flag. But anyway, here are 4 flags all inspired by NZ flags:

Pinky finger is the first flag NZ had – the flag of the United Tribes. I based it off this article here, and I do quite like this one. And the name! What a cool name. Ring finger is the official National Maori flag – I do love the power colours in this! Middle finger is the ‘official’ flag of NZ – nice enough, but I think it’s too close to Australia’s flag, personally. Pointer finger is the official sporting flag – the silver fern on the black background. Or, in this case, white blob on black. Meh.

The colours I used were CR 58 (white), China Glaze Liquid Leather (black), Miki 8 (red), and Kleancolor Cobolt (blue).

Any favourites? Any other ideas for flags for this country? Me, I think I’d have the silver fern on a gold background with the unity symbol from the  Maori flag running through the middle and the four stars from the Southern Cross in the upper left corner… maybe 😀 The website with the full list of NZ flags can be found here 🙂

Have a great, trivial drama-free day!

Ami 🙂

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  1. Hehe my husband thinks these are neat 😀 He says we should keep the Maori flag colours, but also keep the Union Jack. Black, red and white looks really powerful and would differentiate us from Australia 😛
    -Del x

    • Black red and white are power colours, and would be great! Not sure about the Union Jack – about how relevant it is to NZ now as a nation. We could always put every idea into a flag and have the only one which needs binoculars to see all the details – that would also make us look a bit different to Aus! 😀

      • I can’t find the website now, but Karl found a site with heaps of flag designs, there was one really cool one in red black and white, it had the Union Jack still but it was in a Maori style with the curly bits and all that. It was a really nice design!

      • Ooh I’d love to see it, it does sound cool! There has to be a good compromise, right? And those colours rock…

  2. I am sorry hon, it looks nothing like a silver fern, I actually thought it was a sheep, which I thought was very very funny. I think we should have a sheep for a flag, or a gumboot?

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