Day 20: Water Marble

Holy moly did I make a mess of this. First attempt, and showing it in all it’s messiness, be kind! I did quite like the effect of the ring finger though, it looked spray painted.

Polishes used: Orly Robo Romance, Color Club Rev’d Up, and L.A. Colours Cranberry Red. Why? I like red and purple combined, it’s obnoxiously in-your-face. I dislike Robo Romance, it’s an awful polish with so much potential to be awesome, so felt safe to use that.

Notes to self:

  • Use warmer water. Mine didn’t disperse like the videos said it should.
  • Use similar textured polishes – not a crelly and a shimmer AND a glitter. Tape is NOT YOUR FRIEND.
  • And you know how you thought you’d hate this? Well, you’ll actually be quite intrigued, and try again soon. Pity your camera batteries are flat, hey.

So, I did try it again – and used lipbalm instead of tape, and two shimmers, and warm water, and it looked a LOT better. I can see me cranking this out again for an accent nail, but probably not for ALL my fingers, I just don’t have the energy for that!

Have a wonderful day 🙂



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  1. ummm yes, the ring finger is awesome, I am still giggling at the other ones though.

  2. Hehe oh dear >_< The ring finger does look cool. I'll stay in my corner and giggle quietly at the others, to spare your feelings 😀
    My tips are to use room temp water – I usually get water marbling water from a Pump bottle that I leave on my desk alllll the time but never drink from. And the other tip is to stick to cheap thin polishes ^_^
    Can't wait to see your next goes! 😀
    -Del xx

  3. Like the ringfinger to 😀
    It’s a pain to get just the right temperature water I think. Also, every time I create a big mess around my cuticles. No matter how much tape I use.

    • yay for the ring finger! 😀 I kept that one as an accent nail for a day hehhehe. I think water temp may be a big issue – and did find that clean up was heaps easier using lip balm instead of tape as the physical barrier. Thank you for your tips and support (pun intended!)

  4. U tried and that’s how you learn, get back on that horse and I’m sure you’ll do better, I need to try it myself!

  5. i think room temperature water is better

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