Day 06: Violet Nails

This is one of my favourite polishes – and I was really excited to get it out and use it again! This is Color Club Wild at Heart – it’s pretty old now, but you can still find it everywhere online (my favourite site for Color Club is probably Head2toe It’s a gorgeous deep purple with scattered holographic shimmer. Lovely holographic shimmer, it actually reminds me a bit of A-England’s Dragon – not in the colour, obviously, just something about the depth of colour with the almost linear holographic shimmer.

Color Club Wild at Heart – inside

The great thing about holographics is that they dry fast 🙂 Oh, and they are stunning. But they also dry fast so, if you are between bottles of quick dry top coat and have to take small people to many places, you can STILL paint your nails – just choose holos! You’re welcome 🙂

So, day 6 of the 31 day challenge: violet nails.

I was going to do something arty but: 1) no time and 2) not in the mood and 3) it’s pretty enough on it’s own. So I stuck a Blingy on my index nail and called it done. This is two coats of Wild at Heart, no top coat.

Sorry about the scratch – that’s why there’s been no whole hand photos! But I had to show the blingy off.. 😀

Have a great day!



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  1. Haha I had chosen Wild at Heart for my eventual challenge but I think I’ll have to find something else now! 😛 *happy sigh*
    Don’t be sorry about a scratch! My hands are covered in scratches. Hazard of being mama and plaything for an overly-zealous bitey-scratchy kitty.
    -Del xx

    • Nooo! Use it! Or just swatch it – I’d love to see it on ya 😀 Or, nail art it up! 😀
      kitties do scratch, yes. I do note, however, that you haven’t posted any scratched hands photos either… 😛

    • I think you do! It’s great, it’s cheap, it lasts – it’s beautiful, and Color Club don’t test on animals. Yay! I’d highly recommend putting this one on the wish-list… thanks for reading!

      • I only have one Color Club polish, I think it’s called “Under the Mistletoe,” but it’s beautiful. Next time I make it back to the states I will definitely be hunting some down.

      • I love all my Color Club polishes – we can’t easily (or affordably!) get them here, which is why I suggest the online sites – otherwise I’d have none 😀

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