Kleancolor Fuchsia Glitter over OPI The One That Got Away

Introducing Kleancolor Fuchsia Glitter!

This mani has one coat of OPI The One That Got Away, and one coat Kleancolour Fuchsia Glitter, which was  moderately thick. For an accent, and to show the Fuchsia Glitter on it’s own, I used two coats along on my ring finger – one thin coat, one very thick.

I finished it all off with top coat of  Orly Sec ‘n’ Dry.

This has quite a thick formula, but  it’s very smooth. Moderately sparse distribution of silver holographic glitters in a pale pink jelly base. Not even close to opaque in two coats, but I really liked it even so. What’s wrong with me? I used to be vehemently anti-visible nail line, and yet I LOVED this.


Dry time was quite long, due to thickness of polish. Once dry it went a day without chipping, so moderate wear time. I had quite  a few positive comments on it; I loved the way the glitters caught the light but sometimes thought it looked like my nails had pink measles.

OPI The One That Got Away wasn’t opaque in one coat either, but when it was layered the balder patches weren’t noticeable. This has quite a thin formula, and it completely flooded my cuticle on my middle finger. D’oh. This actually seems to have duochromatic glass flecks – which are pink/gold – and this changes the look of the whole polish from fuchsia pink (hence why I chose it as undies for the Kleancolor) to an almost berry/red pink. You can see it a bit here – on the pointer nail its a redder colour.

And a whole hand shot.. in the setting sunlight.

Close up of the ring – this was a little plastic crab I painted with Glitter Gal Fuchsia Holo – it’s usually my ‘warning, in a crabby mood!’ ring, but I just liked it with these polishes!

Hope you are having a happy, not crabby, day!


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  1. Wow those colors are gorgeous!

  2. Jelllaaaay! *wiggles*
    That is one of the few KCs I don’t have. I do have a similar-ish one from a cheap dollar-store brand called QY though? Though that one is a bit redder in the base, and the glitter is all smaller and holo.
    Hehe :3
    -Del xx

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