Day 04: Green Nails

Day four of the 31 Day Nail Polish challenge: Green Nails. I love green!

I got a chance to use my franken polish! I showed you all the what not to do post here… and now I get to use it.

This was one thick coat of China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint – which I left alone on the least streaky nail. (Democratic way of chosing an accent nail, methinks). Then I put one coat of my franken polish with the green and gold holographic glitter in it.

This was thick. It was like I just poured whole bottles of glitter into this polish. Oh yeah, that’s right, I DID heh heh heh. The base was a CR polish with holographic silver glitter and stars in it, one of which you can almost see peeking through the glitter on my index finger.

It was nice to be able to use this 🙂

Have a greeen day!



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  1. Love this — especially the star! What a unique touch.

  2. Oooh I love all that mint green and glitter!

  3. Oh my sweet giddy aunt that’s beautiful! Where did you get the holographic glitter for this? I’ve made frankens with eyeshadows before, but I find that the glitter I find melts (because it’s low quality obviously).
    See, I knew yesterday that today’s post would be fantastic! I heart green so much. My nails are green today too!

    • Thank you! Sorry for the no reply, WP was playing up for me yesterday. My friend Megan posted them to me from the USA – it’s really hard to get them here, hey. I’m going to buy some from Spotlight – they’re about $10 which is why I haven’t bought them yet, but they’re a big bottle of glitter and if it works I’ll post ya some, we can do glitter mail swaps! Yay for green nails! Post?!

      • Yes WP is being funny for me too, it has stopped linking my comments to the DomesticMinxes dash, so I can’t see when you reply D:
        Mayhaps I’ll do a post later today (I’ve been busy cleaning!)
        Does your friend Megan know of any good websites to get the glitter from? Preferably not ebay though.

      • Post! Cleaning will just need to happen again, anyway 😀 I’ll ask her – I know there’s an Australian website that sells all sorts of awesome glitters.. which I can’t find right now. is a great website with heaps of info, might be worth a check?

  4. I love this look!

  5. looks loverly, is it a bitch to get off though?

    • Tell you the truth, I didn’t let it dry! So, no, I just wiped it off with a tissue 😉 Otherwise, sure would be! That’s why I’m excited about the PVA glue peel off base idea – you can bet I’ll be trying that before putting a glitter polish on! 😀

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