Great idea – tag your beauty blogs with ‘wordpressbeauty’ so we can find each other!

The Lacquered Girl

I have an idea wouldn’t it be nice if all of us would use the same tag on wordpress and hast tag on instagram so we could find each other with ease?

When I go to ‘reader’ I have my saved searches of ‘nail polish’ and ‘nail art’ because I follow all kinds of blogs, but sometimes when I look at my main feed there’s posts that weren’t in ‘nail polish’ or ‘nail art’, so sometimes I miss out on your posts :/

So how about us beauty/nail blogs work together and use the tag ‘wordpressbeauty’ when we post and save that search on our ‘reader’ that way we stay connected?

And the hast hag ‘#wordpressbeauty’ is free on instagram (I checked)

What do you think? Do you want to try it out? I’m going to tag this post.. hope to see you all there!

Make sure to Re-Blog so…

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