Kleancolor Cappaccino: Swatches

I picked this Kleancolor Cappaccino bottle up at the 123 MArt in the Plaza at Palmerston North – pretty much solely because I don’t have a colour like it in my stash (can’t say that anymore!)

Now, don’t get my wrong, brown nail polish ranks very high in my favourites list – but I have an obvious bias towards brown SHIMMERS – especially those gorgeous deep chocolate browns with the bronze, gold, or red shimmers *sigh*.

And, because this wasn’t one of those colours, I really wasn’t expecting to like it. Especially when I saw the brush. This did NOT make painting my nails easy.

munted brush!

But… I loved this colour. I really, truly did. It was rich and velvety without being anything other than subtle. It did, however, really make me want some milk chocolate. Especially Whittakers chocolate with the peanut butter… OM NOM NOM

These photos were 2 coats and no top coat. The formula was great, even though the brush was terrible. The polish self levelled, which was a nice thing, seeing as the brush left deep furrows in the polish. Quick dry time and a decent wear time, especially as it has no top coat!

The pearlies were bought, in a packet, from the $2 Shop. The dog hair came free with the dog. This trend will be HUGE soon, just you wait and see! πŸ˜€

I also, as you can undoubtedly see, placed two Pearlies on my nail, and these lasted for quite a few hours with no top coat or special adhesive – they do have a sticky backside, something that is only desirable in craft items.

Loved it! I might trick it out with some Dreamy from Darling Diva Polish – see if that quenches my craving for holographic chocolate coloured polish. I hope it does!

Have a great day


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  1. I always love a nice brown polish :3 I’m trying to remember if I have this one or not… I have so many Kleancolors I can’t even remember!! I’ll dig through the box later >_<
    Shame about that brush! I've never gotten a dud brush before.
    -Del xx

    • I bet you do! It’s not a nude but it is very pretty.. I’ve never got a dud brush from them before, either. Statistically it has to happen sometime though, I’ll just trim it at a later stage πŸ˜€

  2. That brush thing was my problem too!

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