The 31 Day Challenge 2012 –

Megan from Two Lacquered Girls twisted my rubber arm to join her in this 31 Day nail polish challenge – which she learnt about from Chalkboard Nails.  It looks like this:

So, yay! I’m a little unsure how I’m going to go with time – and it’s a novel concept HAVING to change my polish daily, but I’ll do my best to keep up (or spam post them a bit after the fact, whichever!) I am also thinking of doing it a day behind – to keep up with my Northern Hemisphere friends. I tell ya, if only I was an ACTUAL day ahead, I’d watch the lottery numbers and tell you in time 😀

Have a colourful day! (And Megan, good luck with your homework! Remember – procrastination is just your brains way of telling you it has AMAZING time management. However, often the adrenal glands can’t cope with that kind of knowledge – keep plodding away until it’s all done :D)



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  1. I finished most.. ugh now to paint my nails red but idk what to do!!

  2. hmm…I think I might jump onto this bandwagon, though I’m more likely to do what I can when I can, then post them daily as needed (aka, cheating…v.v). I’m too busy for my own good. *cries*

    • Oooh yes, goodie! Join in please! Heh, thats not cheating, thats aka having a life 😀 It’s what I’ve done – did photos of day 2 through 6 and will post them day by day 😀 *hands over a tissue and a cup of tea*

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