Kleancolor Sandstone: Swatches.

I did this one seperately, just for Delindel from Domestic Minxes – another NZ beauty blogger and Kleancolor fan. She knew this one from the photo of the garage sale haul. Legend.

This is Sandstone!

Kleancolor Sandstone

Described by Mr Husband Man as ‘a pretty pearly pinky colour’ – hey, spot on, I’m stealing that! *stolen!*

Sandstone in the shade

This is very like Americano in effect, that same slightly frosty, shimmery, metallic with insane shine. Two coats in these photos, no top coat. Dry time was good, even without quick dry topper! Wear time.. well, without a top coat thats not too fair. Add in a caravan upgrade and general life stuff, and it’s pretty dinged up now (7 hours later). But with a top coat, I’d imagine it’s pretty good!

Sandstone in the sun…

This is frosty. That means visible brushstrokes. Don’t play with these polishes: load up the brush and slop it on as evenly and quickly as you can – it’s easier to remove polish from your cuticles (cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover, or scratch it off gently after a shower) than to look at a crop circle of brush strokes on your nails.

Sandstone on an ANGLE! 😀

One thing I did notice is that the shimmer in this is very similar in colour and effect to the shimmer in the Kleancolor First Impression lipgloss. That lovely iridescence. It’s much finer and subtler in this polish though, but it’s there!

Macro bottle shot – click to enlarge.

Have a wonderful day 🙂



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  1. Gorgeous!

    ~ D

  2. *poses dramatically*
    I only knew it because it was one of my first KCs, along with Frappuccino :3
    -Del xx

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