Day 01 of the 31 Day Challenge: Red! Kleancolor Red Sparkle

Introducing Red Sparkle – I had swatched this earlier, but not posted it yet, and it fits in well with day one’s RED theme, right? 🙂

Three coats and THICK top coat Orly. Seriously thick, I only have about 1cm of the Sec ‘n’ Dry left in the bottle and it’s getting so thick it’s stringy – need more top coat!

Red Sparkle in the shade, not sparkling.

What a gorgeous colour! This is pretty close to my toffee apple red CR magnetic polish – but without the lumps or the  nasty smell.

Ahhhh … there we go, sparkling!

Formula was pretty good; quite thick but moderately easy to place where you wanted it. I actually liked it better with 2 coats, you could see VNL but the colour was brighter and very jellyish. The glitter in this is both silver and red, which is a nice change from the Ruby Slippers clones with their red on red colouring. It was smooth after the top coat, but now the glitter seems to be poking through a bit more, leaving it slightly textured. Another coat would help, but I have hardly any left, so I will put up with the lumps and stop whinging.

That semi-translucent finish is really pretty.

My mother has the same polish, and her bottle is SUPER thick – pretty much unworkably thick. Mine isn’t, but it may pay to check the consistency of the polish if you go to purchase this one. Dry time was quite slow, thanks to the thickness, but not too slow (probably estimate 15 minutes).

I do like this, bright and vampy all at the same time!

Thanks for the invite to join you with the nail polish challenge, Megan – can’t wait to see what you come up with! 😀


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  1. I’ve been thinking about doing the 31 Day Challenge, but I think I’ll wait til next month because I’m all crazy OCD and there’s only 30 days in September >_<
    -Del xx

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