Surprise Nail Haul aka How I Know My Husband Loves Me

Mr Husband Man is an avid garage saler. Extreme garage sale man. He’s been going for years, and it’s something I’ve learned to accept about him – and indeed encourage. Everyone needs a hobby and some time out, right? Sometimes he even finds treasure for me. Jewellery is a favourite, clothes for the kids are always good, toys (a 4 handset walkie talkie set this morning, fun!).

And.. today.. he bought me home a bag of nail polish. SQUEEE!

Bag of awesome!

He paid $5 for it, and I’ve already had more than $5 of fun arranging and looking at them :D. Here is the lineup!

I think I’ll skittle swatch these and post them en-masse later, except for the Kleancolour one – and anything else that turns out to be completely awesome. But how much FUN, right? There’s even a mini Orly in there!

And isn’t it funny the trends you can pick up on in other peoples nail polish stashes, or even the ones they sell? For example, this person liked pink A LOT, red, and some purples. They were really partial to shimmer, and fond of mini sizes. So, probably a starter stash here, or a weekend nail painter. More power to them, whoever they are, and I hope they can sense how much appreciation for this surprise stash I have!

Also, big public thanks to Mr Husband Man… way to make a Saturday morning awesome πŸ˜€


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  1. Aww, how sweet ^_^ Lucky you!
    Is that Kleancolor Sandstone I spy there?
    -Del xx

  2. allthingsgirlrelated

    What a nice treat!! πŸ˜„ x

  3. wow, $5 for all of that?! what a great deal!

  4. That is super sweet! Yayee!

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