Skittle Swatches from this mornings Nail Surprise!

SO much fun. Ok, quick recap: my husband bought me these nail polishes from a garage sale this morning, all of them for $5. To put that in perspective a single Kleancolor polish bought in the shop ranges from NZ $3 – $6, and an OPI (standard, not DS!) is around NZ$26 – although you can get them from Trademe for cheaper. So, this was a bargain.

Here they are! I’d apologise for the messy painting/cuticles/etc etc but I’d be here all day. None of these I let dry, so these will just give an idea of the colours. Most didn’t have names / numbers – I’d guess that all the ones from the brand ‘Nail Polish’ are from a set, actually.  Anywho, here we are, fun on a Saturday!

Silk – blueish greyish silver with silver flecks. Not bad consistency, and quite pretty actually! I believe Silk is a $2 shop brand. 2 coats…

Silk Nail Polish

Silk – pink with silver flecks. Whoa this was thick. Possibly very old. Quite a frosty colour, and yes, too thick to work with. 1 coat.

Silk Nail Polish

ten – pink. Pretty blue shimmer, creme. 2 coats.

ten nail polish – pink with blue shimmer

ten – red. Jelly, nice consistency. Might try a jelly sandwich with this one later… 2 coats.

ten red – but ew, you can see the chips in my nail. Ne’mind.. moving on.

Nail Polish: mini – nude. This had the most munted brush I’ve ever seen. Very sheer, but quite a nice shimmer actually. 2 coats.

Sort of beige-y tan-y nude with pinkish shimmer. Intriguing and sooo sheer

Nail Polish: mini – purple. Jelly, almost invisible blue shimmer, also be nice for jelly sandwiches I think. 2 coats.

Nail Polish – yes, that’s the brand name.

Nail Polish: mini – pink. Jelly – not as sheer, very pretty. I WILL be using this for a jellywich pedicure. 2 coats.

With a gold glitter filling, I think.

Long Bottle of Red No Name Polish: I think this *could* be a Nail Polish polish, it had a very similar batch number on the sticker. Nice polish actually, very slightly frosty shimmer – nice long brush. Good formula. Reminded me a bit of the reds from China Glaze’s Retro Collection – only not quite as nice a colour. 2 coats


California: 80 – very sheer, 3 coats.

California #80

California: 81 – nice! Thick, seriously needs thinner. 2 coats.

California #81

California 34 – frosty and sheer. 3 coats.

California #34

Orly – no name, any ideas? Needs thinner, ‘safe’ colour – looks like it dries to a rubbery /satin finish. 2 coats. One is much darker – it was getting thicker 😀

Orly mini

Nail Polish – pink. Crelly, nice formula and colour. 2 coats

Nail Polish – red. Creme, nice formula, pretty standard red. 2 coats.

And there you have it! 😀



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