Varieties of eggs my chickens lay…

Just for fun!

A half dozen eggs in a carton…

7 eggs in my egg collecting basket. The large brownest one is a Rhode Island Red egg.

Yesterdays egg haul

I have 4 green egg laying chickens now (no green pigs for ham, though). I love the subtle differences in colours for each of them – Brave, who was born last summer to Tyra and Fabio (so half mixed breed, half Hamburg) as a distinctly more olive hue.

See? Naomi lays the largest green eggs, and Tyra lays slightly bluer ones.

Then we have this Rhode Island Red and a Light Sussex egg – they’re a good size 6 and a half, smooth and light tan with a pinkish tinge. By the way, I do NOT have a terrible skin disease of the hands, I have been using PVA glue in the caravan – and it made a mess 😀

Here is Tyra’s blueish green egg, and the one next to it is Brianna – Karla (Hyline) cross Fabio (Hamburg). I’m VERY excited about this, because this is a good size egg, not quite the size of a normal Hyline / Shaver egg but close, and she’s a much healthier bird. So crossing them can work! yay! Can’t wait to see a Hyline cross Orpington chicken…


And these two – the round, super white egg is from Bill, our Blue Andalusian. I’m not sure who has laid the long and pointy one, but it made me laugh :D. I know if I was laying eggs every day I’d prefer them to be this shape!

Have a great day!




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  1. I used to live in a small country town as a child and your post brought back so many memories of how exciting it is to get up in the morning and discover how many eggs have been laid!

    • It’s the highlight of my day! I check in the mid afternoon, though – my chooks seem to lay lunchtime-ish. I love the looks on my kids faces when they help me look, it’s so worth it. Even with the loud comments at the supermarket egg aisle (as we go past)… “eggs come from chickens bottoms, mum!” heh heh heh

  2. The eggs are so pretty! I love the subtle varieties in color in our eggs. I don’t have any that lay the blue or green eggs yet though they are on my wish list!

    • They look great! They’re no different at all (in terms of cholesterol) but super pretty. I want a Barnvelder with the chocolate brown eggs… one day! Hehehe my husband would throw a fit if I bought more chickens.

      • Fortunately for me my hubby is right there with me on the chicken obsession!

      • Yay, that’ll help! Mine was pretty excited about getting the regular ‘farm’ chickens – Hylines/Shavers – and he was surprised by how much he likes our ‘chicken garden’,but its still mostly my thing. I’ll get a Barnvelder someday though – not too far in the future! How many chickens do you have? And what kinds? 🙂

      • I don’t have anything fancy yet–just a Barred Rock, a couple Buff Orpington and some Rhode Island Reds. Right now we only have 6 total.

  3. What breed are these green egs from? I want those too 🙂

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