School Visits and Cult Nail Mail

Today was my eldest son’s first school visit. I found out on Friday that the visits were starting today, and I cried all afternoon – pretending I wasn’t. It seemed to work, he is so excited to be starting – it’s adorable!

He had a great day – and it was lovely to see how great the teachers and kids were, and I think he’ll be really happy there. It’s a world away from the primary school I went to, so I don’t need to worry about that. It’s just… he’s my boy. My firstborn, and it feels like he was a newborn only yesterday – and now he’s almost a school boy! He’ll be 5 years old in 2 months time;  we’re starting the visits early to make the transition easier for him (and for me, it seems!). You see, when he was 2 and a half he was diagnosed with mild autism. It’s very mild: he’s super advanced in some areas (IT, engineering and mechanical areas, as well as being a all round action boy), but quite behind in speech and social skills – although that’s improved a LOT in a year. So, I’m very protective of my boy – and I’ll plain and simple miss his company during the day. However, he’s ready for it, they’re one of the best schools I’ve ever seen, and I’m feeling a lot better about it now.

And, even better, I got home to nail mail – and even better, nail mail from CULT NAILS. WHoooooP! Could it have arrived on a better day? No! Here they are, all wrapped in their cushy brown – what is it? Fibre? Its not paper, it’s all padded – burrito wraps, in a box, with cotton balls for extra packaging. Gorgeous – take note, Ninja Polish, please!

Snug as a bug in a rug (but more likely to get through customs..)


And these are the three polishes I chose during Maria’s recent $7 polish sale for her birthday.

Seduction, I Got Distracted, Annalicious. Hair is an optional extra, supplied by my kids. whoops, why didn’t I SEE that before I took the photo?

Annalicious, Seduction, and I Got Distracted. Stunningly beautiful polishes, I can’t wait to try them. And then my lovely neighbour N bought me a visual diary (I’ve been keen to try to start one for jewellery and paintings), and the coolest L.A. Girl Color Addict polish(it has no sticker, but it looks like it could be Obsess) – she knows me well. I feel very spoilt. 🙂 I’ll show you all Obsess very soon!


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  1. Aw! I remember that feeling. Max went to Kindergarten and 1st grade. It was way harder on us than it was on him, though. It’ll get easier!

    And, ahem, when I read the name of your first nailpolish, “Annalicious”, I think I pronounced it wrong in my mind… I had to go back and read it a second time.


    • I had a rough time at primary school – but this school is SO much better than mine was. I just need to stop projecting my fears, I think! I’m good at keeping them from him, now to stop them getting to me… thank you. All the positive stories help
      And hehehehe Maria (the Cult Nails founder) said google Annalicious, and it’s pretty bad. Her daughter made and named the polish after her friend Anna, and to tell the truth all I could think was ‘thank everything her friend’s name wasn’t Ana..” I think we’re probably on the same page 😀

    • soon! Very soon. It’s like the best part of my meal.. I’m saving it for a bit later 😀 Are you an eat -the- best – bit – first person? I bet you are… heh heh heh 😀

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