NYX Ink Heart – Swatches, and Glitter Topping

This is NYX Girls Ink Heart, a gorgeous navy/royal blue jelly polish:

NYX Ink Heart

I loved the colour of this polish: it was a royal blue in the sunlight.. behold!

I don’t know what that lump is, or where it came from. There was only one, though, so I think it’s a one-off, rather than a problem polish!

And a soft navy in the shade…

But had that gorgeous shine everywhere. These swatches are three coats, a top coat of Orly Sec n Dry, and a base coat because it’s blue :D. It didn’t need the top coat for shine – just to dry a bit faster. Dry time was average, and the formula was great, super easy to apply , it did run a tiny bit but not too bad, and it self-leveled really nicely. It did stain a bit on removal, I was glad I put a base coat on. While there was some blue on my skin after taking it off, a quick hand wash removed that, so don’t panic if it happens to you! 😀

Whole hand photo…

Because I really wanted to see some copper with this blue, I added a top coat of L.A Girl Glitter Addict in Flamboyant to my little and middle fingernails.

I really liked this combination! Flamboyant is a very pretty glitter, but I tend to prefer Nostalic (because of the holographic glitter in Nostalgic). This was a great way to play with the glitter, it set off the blue of the non-accented nails and enhanced the coppery orange glitter.

You can get L.A Girl Glitter Accent range from Beauty Joint too, I want ALL their glitters! Actually, I have a cart loaded with polishes that I madly want right NAOW… but will have to wait until the money fairy visits. Fingers crossed she does…


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  1. Love that blue on you, so pretty!

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