Layla Coral Glam vs Color Club Love ‘Em Leave ‘Em

Told you I’d take more photos of Coral Glam 😀 And here they are! Well, the blue hearts peeled off (with NOOOOO help from me *ahem*) so I replaced the polish with Color Club Love ‘Em, Leave ‘Em – the browner toned neutral holographic.

Love ’em Leave ’em on pointer finger, left side 🙂

And.. next to Coral Glam, it looked decidedly UNglam.

Color Club (left), Layla (right)

So, I thought I’d give it a sneaky helping hand and paint a stripe of Darling Diva Polish Dreamy just through the centre of my nail, not enough to change the colour but.. try and get some more rainbow in there.

Layla (left), Color Club (right)


So, a complete top coat of Dreamy it was, which did up the holographic quotient somewhat, but also made it much more grey toned. That’s ok, still pretty!

Color Club (left!) with DDP topcoat, and Layla (right)

Still, even after all the ‘help’ from Dreamy, this was a pretty sad comparison.

It felt like Layla was the kind of friend you never want to be photographed standing next to… that gorgeous one who makes everyone else look plain in comparison. Which isn’t fair: Love ‘Em Leave ‘Em is 15mls of  gorgeous colour with a nice holographic shimmer, it applies like a dream and is perfectly opaque in two fast drying coats, and costs approx NZ $6 including shipping from sellers on Ebay or online retailers like Head2Toe Beauty; whereas the Layla costs NZ $29 including shipping from Candy Girl, for 10 ml. PLUS, you can clearly see the tipwear I have on the Layla holographic-ised nails, after approx 5 hours of wear. And the Color Club will last much longer than that before it tips.

But… but… look at that holographic effect.

Sigh. Have a great day! 😀

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