Layla Coral Glam plus Nail Art plus Quick Comparison …

Because I was still missing the dramatic colours, just a bit, I decided to add some little blingy blue hearts from some nail pottles I bought for $3 from the Coin Save in Feilding. Then I added a super thick coat of top coat (Orly Sec ‘n’ Dry) and it was still rough, but it stayed on. The blue came off in patches though, darn it. It was supposed to be polish-proof, but obviously not 🙂

Layla Coral Glam with heart accents

But I did like this effect!

Layla Coral Glam

This seal is a ring I made, painted with Color Club Love ‘Em Leave ‘Em, which is another nude holographic. So, here’s my cheat comparison 😀

The two holos next to each other…

The Color Club is lots more tan and brown based, and has a much milder holographic effect. I like it on the seal though! 😀

I will get the third and final installment in the Layla Coral Glam series posted tomorrow. 🙂 Have a great day!

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  1. Love the nails, adore the seal ring!


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