World’s Most Subtle Holo Gradient – Kleancolor, Layla, and Darling Diva Polish

As I had the Kleancolor Catch Me with Dreamy (holographic top coat) on, and it was starting to chip, I thought I’d add a gradient to the tips. Because I’m lazy like that. šŸ˜€

Kleancolor Catch Me with DDP Dreamy Top Coat, and Layla Ocean Rush on tips. Sunlight. Sorry for the mess!

I thought I’d stick with the holo theme, and sponge to the top 1/3 Layla Ocean Rush, then paint the very tips. This actually ended up being a very subtle gradient, which reminded me of my sister V – she wears some amazing colours now she’s got into nail polish, but they’re almost always subtle and pretty, rather than in-your-face bright. (She thinks I’m calling her boring. I’m not. OK? :P)

From a bit of a distance.. you can still see rainbows, and not as much chipping. Photo win! šŸ˜€

So… I shouldn’t have done this, really, because the Layla is very thin, and it showed (esp in macro photos!) where the chipping was underneath. Sorry about that. But I seriously had 5 mins before running out the door to get my groceries, so.. yeah. I did it. Too bad, moving on šŸ˜€

Whole hand photo – see? Subtle!

I did like the rainbow bling, and you can’t go wrong with Layla for that! Another photo, this one in the shade…

And then back into the sunlight, which is – after all – why we wear holographic polishes, right. Chasing rainbows!

Have a shimmery day!


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  1. Nice! You’re right, I do like this one šŸ˜€

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