CR Magnetic Polish 01 – Deep Red – Swatches

Ever since my friends and fellow bloggers Domestic Minxes went on their shopping haul and showed off their magnetic polishes from CR, I’ve been on the lookout. Then, last week, I found a few in my local dollar store. I chose the red because I don’t have a red magnetic, and at $4.50 I was happy to experiment.

This has the magnet in a little ring thing on the neck of the bottle, which was suprisingly easy to use.

I put on two coats of this, as it was a little sheer, then magnetised the third coat. These first photos have the three coats, and no top coat.

This worked quite well: I held the magnet over the polish for 20 seconds on each nail, and tried to stop my hand shaking. Its terrible, as soon as I tell myself ‘hold still!’ it’s like I get a palsy… not good. This was a pretty colour though, sort of a burgandy red with a lovely dark vampy red stripe.

Then I added top coat (Orly Sec ‘n’ Dry)… wow!

with topcoat – in the same light as the previous photos 🙂

This charged the colour amazingly – it went from burgandy to IN YOUR FACE red. Danger red. With almost black stripes. It reminded me a little of these vicious native wasps we get around here, but, to be honest, it mostly reminded me of red toffee apples. So part of me wanted to swat my nails, and the other part wanted to eat them. Confusing! 😀

This polish dried fast, but was a bit of a pain to apply – it was moderately runny and prone to cuticle flooding, but then all of a sudden it’d bunch up and just stop. The other thing was it had little lumps in it. Maybe they didn’t sieve the iron particles. That was annoying too, and while not THAT visible once done, it was definitely there if you look hard. And I think we’re all reading swatch blog posts because we look hard at our nails…

And then removal. Well. That was evil. It took me about a cotton ball soaked with remover per nail, and about 5 mins of scrubbing. It was harder to remove than some glitters, and four times as stainy. My cuticles are still red. Be warned. Double up on base coat and have a huge pile of presoaked cotton balls and tissues beside you to grab the runoff straight away.

This was super pretty though, especially with the top coat. I just don’t think I can overlook the lumps, or the removal issues. Maybe, one day, until then I’ll look out for a better quality red magnetic polish I think. Coral Colours. $10 and well worth the extra $5.50…


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  1. I think I’ll leave that one, I’m not the most patient of peoples, am I. I’d probably get sick of the cotton balls and attack my nails with a grinder, not a good look.

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