Kleancolor Holo’s over black – Comparison

Just for fun, here is one coat of each of all the sheer Kleancolor Holo’s over China Glaze Liquid Leather (two coats), no top coat.

From right to left: Pinky = Chrome, Ring = Pink, Middle = Blue, Pointer= Orange, Thumb = Green

There are slight variants between them, but not a lot. I think the Holo Chrome has a touch more of the colour to it, but again, not by much! So, if all you want is a sparkly holo top coat, any one of these will do. (I didn’t add Holo Yellow to this comparison study because a) it’s NOT sheer, and b) I don’t have 6 digits per hand. )

However, as shown in my other individual swatches, they all do build to their colour, so you can feel justified owning all of them, I know I do! 😀 And a final photo all blurry to show the sparkle and fire…mmmm.

Have a great day!



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  1. Om nom nom sparkles :3
    The Kleancolor Chunky Holo series are the same… Have different tinted bases but look the same over black.
    I still love having most of them 😛
    -Del xx

    • I read that… and I have the chunky holo purple and erm, violent pink one, and they are definitely the same, black looks like it has flakies but my sister got Poppy? Or Scarlet? And thats a really deep base! But yeah, I could definitely see the appeal of collecting them ALL 😀

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