LUSH Emotional Brilliance Lipstick: Ambition.

By now, I think any one who reads this *waves at my mother* would possibly have cottoned onto the fact that I quite like nail polish. I counted, roughly, the other day, and I have about 194 nail polishes.  Some people may not understand WHY…. and that’s ok too. But, there is something about rows and rows of colour on my wall.. something almost colour therapy-ish about collecting nail polish. (and some people may not understand why I only have so few, hehehe, I’m working on increasing it! :D)
So when I wandered into Lush in Palmerston North two weekends ago to see if any of their new perfumes were in stock, and I was confronted with a small wall of vibrant colours, I knew I was in trouble.

image from the email they sent me 😀 It’s actually a fun game, you can pick the colours online! Awesome! 😀

Lush have this new range of makeup called Emotional Brilliance, and I got to play a game that should be called make-up tarot; it was fun. Basically shut your eyes, think of nothing, open your eyes and pick the three colours that call out the strongest. The last of the three I chose was this, Ambition.

LUSH Ambition Lipstick, in a cute little dropper style bottle (lip wand inside)

Its meaning is given as ” as a strength you have an ambition, whatever that may be. Your weakness is that you are not using the make it happen part of AMBITION. Now you have no excuse. Have a think and stop being put off. Wear daily until your AMBITION is achieved.” (from Lush’s page here)

And as it was the third I picked it was my ‘thing I need to make the other stuff happen right’, I bought it. Yep, just like that. Sighs. Hey, it’s pretty, ok? Thats got to count for more than me just being a sucker for a great marketing gimmick. Right?

LUSH Ambition – no primer

The texture of this is interesting, it is somewhat like a sticky lipstick, or a VERY thick lipgloss. The pigmentation is amazing, and even when blotted this colour LASTS. There is no smell that I can detect, and the colour is gorgeous, a nice red-orange.

Funny lighting, but shows some of the intensity of colour. This is BRIGHT!

My only complaint is the wand – this was very loose and wiggly from when I bought it, and has since broken off completely. Unfortunately I didn’t keep the reciept and I can’t get into LUSH often, so I’ll see what I can do to fix it.

dinky wee wand. NOT the easiest to work with, but certainly do-able. A lipbrush would be a good idea 🙂

That aside, I really do like this idea, the gimmick of it, the colours available (all of which can be used anywhere on the face, so if you have more than one brush you can multi use these), and most of all I love the intensity and long lasting-ness of the colour. My favourite way of wearing this… use lipliner (it bleeds!), blot, then put a lipgloss/balm on over the top. Every time you reapply the colour gets a bit lighter, but it keeps the stain effect going. 🙂

On it’s own, in the dim bathroom lighting…

And blotted with a silver lipgloss over the top.

Much more wearable for the kindy run – do it count as Lack of Ambition though? Argh the dilemmas of Makeup Therapy 😀

There are available in store for $29.00 each, or online at in NZ here – go check them out if you like pretty colours, but check the wands first 😉

Have a joyful, colourful day!


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  1. fantastic color.. it looks, dare I say, brilliant ? red really suits you! x

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