piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2012

This is so exciting thing for me! A group of bloggers were chosen by piCture pOlish to review their new nail polishes for Blog Fest 2012, and they picked me as one of the bloggers. MEEEE! I’d go on about that, but I have SO many photos of these gorgeous polishes that I’d better get started. Please make a drink, settle down. This may take some time.

The two polishes I was sent: Orbit and Pshiiit

First up is Orbit, a new ‘Mesh’ shade: this will be available from piCture pOlish on-line and from all Network members. (click on any of the photos if you want to see the close-up!)

piCture pOlish Orbit.

In the bottle, this polish looks like a mid-lavender purple and silver glitter: SURPRISE! It’s blue.

Ok, slightly purple toned blue, but very definitely blue, the silver glitter becomes a lovely background to the blue, rather than the 50/50 split it looks like in the bottle: this polish reminds me a bit of indigo denim, or a sky full of stars just before true night falls.

Pretty and sparkly.! Glass globe -nail polish made in Australia, swatched in NZ. Thanks, neighbours! Bonza effort 😉

These photos are two coats and a top coat. Orbit has a simply perfect formula,with  no cleanup required. Quick dry-to-touch time, although still dentable for a little while afterwards.

Orbit dries remarkably smooth, but it does take a top coat or two to make it glassy smooth. This polish is very blingy in sunlight, and also a bit of a chameleon; changing it’s colour tone in different lights:

A deeper colour in the setting sunlight …

For fun, I added some stick on pearls on an accent nail 🙂

Orbit with stick on pearls… I loved the contrasts of textures and colour 🙂

This polish was easy to remove, some silver glitter does rub off onto the skin, but it just wipes off. I love the rubberised cap; the brush is good and wide but not too large, and the rectangular bottle is just gorgeous. Orbit also wears very well, and I went two days without any chipping, which is very rare indeed for me.

Next is Pshiiit, which is also new and very special as it is from their new ‘Collaboration Collection’ and was jointly created by Camille from Pshiiit Boutique (P.P’s French Network member). It is exclusive to piCture pOlish on-line and Pshiiit Boutique – awesome! 🙂

piCture pOlish pshiiit

Pshiiit is more sheer than Orbit, and needs three coats to reach bottle colour. It’s completely worth it; the depth that the flakies and shimmer give this polish is amazing. It’s a gorgeous shimmery rich blue toned green, and it reminds me of the ocean. Then there is a  slight colour shift to a forest green with a gold oversheen, which is stunning.

Blurry bottle shot of the forest green & gold colour shift. Plus check out all the subtle gorgeous shimmer colours!

I think though, that it reminds me most of all of a deep, natural, included emerald.

Emerald with inclusions – image from http://www.manyzone.com/products/gem-stones/page-5.aspx

piCture pOlish pshiiit … and NOT a chunk of emerald. Shame,really. But look at the polish!!

Dry time is moderately long because of the number of coats: I think I’ll layer it over something else next time to keep the depth of colour and flakiness and save on the polish, I want this to last forever.

I was given plenty of compliments on this one! Removal was easy and doesn’t stain at all. Another amazing thing about this polish was how glossy it is; you can see the reflection of the camera in this photo 🙂

Full hand photo..

You can easily see the flakes and depth of colour at a distance:)

There is something so natural and fresh about this colour. The flakies resemble the water droplets on my caravan, and this photo also shows the slight colour shift to deeper green and gold on the nail closest to the camera.

I am beyond happy to have been part of this years Blog Fest! For a new nail blogger this is almost pinch-me unbelievable. To make it even better, these polishes are both shades that I would be tempted to push little old people on zimmerframes out of the way to get to. OK, not at all, but you get my point. These are STUNNING.

All of the  new shades will be available to purchase on Blog Fest day – 30th July 2012 – from piCture pOlish on-line plus all our Network Members. There will be other bloggers posting their swatches on the 30th of July; us NZ bloggers get to go first, being the first to see the 30th, and then others from around the world will share theirs. I can’t wait to see them!

piCture pOlish is 3 Free and not tested on animals, and you can find them online , and also on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter . The polishes now also have QR labels (on each shade), which you can scan and it will take you straight to piCture pOlish on-line or a Network member (depending where the shade was purchased). Also, for us kiwi’s, Gracie Lou will soon be the official stockists of piCture pOlish here in NZ, check them out here – yay!

QR labels! 🙂

Handy if you have a super-duper phone, and also if you wanted to know what those are – I’ll admit I thought they may have been deconstructed Sudoku puzzles. I’m not so technologically advanced, it turns out 😀

Thank you for reading, and I hope you check out piCture pOlish, and the other bloggers swatches.Now, eye-drops for you after all this reading!


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  1. Oh wow, they are both stunning!! WANT!

  2. I knew I could count on Camille to think up something so lovely!! I love that girl 🙂

  3. Amazing Swatch thank you so much ! ❤

  4. These are amazing! Absolutely gorgeous polishes. Congrats on being chosen to review!!

  5. They are stunning aren’t they, ooh more nail polishes I can buy, sooo pretty.

  6. Great swatches! ❤ these shades!!

  7. Congratulations on also being chosen! Love your colours, and beautiful swatches!

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