Franken attempt, and Happy Birthday to my Mother! :)

I love to franken nail polishes, although I don’t do it often. (note: franken is a strange word meaning ‘mixing up your own colours of nail polish’ – usually by combing different polishes, and often adding glitter. You can also use eyeshadow powder, which sometimes works and sometimes catastrophically fails. Adds to the fun).

This started off as a fail. I bought a cheap clear polish, and poured in a bunch of holographic glitter Megan from Two Lacquered Girls sent me. And then… it ALL fell to the bottom, and the green bled out of the green glitter. NOT what I was hoping would happen!

I’ve used the glitter in other polishes just fine, but I used a glitter polish to start with – and obviously they have a suspension base allowing that all to happen well. This didn’t, and this beauty was the result.

But if this happens to you, don’t despair! Just tip out some of the green goo at the top, and add different nail polishes. I used a few, mostly blue cream, green shimmer and a gold glitter.

This one I made for my mothers birthday – and I sneaky went and swatched it. Well, I had to, didn’t I, to make sure it worked? Its not AT ALL like reading someones brand new book then wrapping it up for their present. And I’ve only done that once. *Guilt*

  • Little finger (on the right of the photo) has two coats of the franken (which I named Birthday Wishes)
  • ring finger has one coat over two coats of Coral Colours Jayd
  • middle finger has one coat over two coats of NYC Filthy Rich.

all nails have Kleancolor Fast Dry top coat, and could use another to be completely smooth.

Blurry for bling..

I think I like it on it’s own best, it’s more blingy and richer in colour. But my mother doesn’t like removing glitter, so I did make it as a top coat for her, it’ll be up to her how (or if! hehe) she use’s it. She has more polishes coming – and yes, she does read this blog, and she does know about them but not WHAT they are so I’ll keep quiet about it, but I hope she’ll be happy with them. 🙂 Love ya, Gyongyi! And Happy Birthday!


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  1. Your nail polish is a winnre, it looks awesom and yes I am going to use it, already have the shirt to go with it, yay. You are awesome and very very clever. Love you heaps.

  2. I like the end product! I haven’t tried frankening yet, but what a great gift idea!

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