Playing with Kleancolor Jewel Box 02 – silly fun :D

So, yes, I said I’d play around with the Kleancolor palette, and I did. Because I’m like that, mostly. ahem. I used Designer Brands eyeshadow primer on my eyelids first.

I guess I’m in a bit of a silly mood because instead of doing something normal with them, I went to town. I did one eye using the browns and golds, and it looked pretty normal until I blinked..

because I painted a leopard print-esque spot on that one.

My photos don’t come out that well, the lighting isn’t great and it looks a lot fainter in the pictures than in does in real life. I used Doll Face Satin under my brow, and Chi Chi brown eyeliner, and Max Factor mascara in Burnished Brown – with the gold side on my bottom lashes. Which then went all over the underneath of my eye. Meh

Then on my other eye I used all the blues and greens, with some gold for emphasis.

Oooh this was fun! I sort of ended up going all blue-eyebrowed-Egyptian theme on it: I haven’t had as much fun with makeup for AGES. I used Dollface black eyeliner for this, and it just didn’t do what it normally does, the powder was too slippery I think. Not sure how to get around this, possibly liquid eyeliner? Or eyeliner first, then top up after? It was fun though!

I did, however, forget how pigmented the blue shadows are. I remembered when I went to take OFF the makeup though.

So, yep, now I have one blue eyebrow. Hopefully it’ll come off with extra scrubbing soon, or I’ll have to paint the other side to match, and I’ll *probably* get weird looks at Playgroup tomorrow. Heh heh heh

But, yes, I can and have worn these ‘normally’ – just put them on lightly, blend well, and don’t paint your eyebrow blue unless you are happy with it potentially staying that way πŸ˜€


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  1. … still laughing πŸ˜€

  2. Hahahahaaaaa!!!

    The blue eyebrow (or maybe even 2 blue eyebrows) would be super cool for a costume of some sort. Maybe an alien or futuristic princess or a Suess character or something….

    I hope you can get it off soon! Try Pond’s Cold Cream if you can get your hands on it over there. It’s what the theater people here use.

    Thanks for the laugh!


    • I’m definitely going to go there for a dress up thing, for sure. It was tempting just to do it it go to the supermarket for groceries πŸ˜€ It came off with an oil cleanser I have, so that’s probably a good thing. You’re welcome! I love a laugh, and making others laugh too πŸ™‚

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