Kleancolor Jewel Box Eyeshadows 02 Emerald

I bought the cutest little eyeshadow palette from a Coin Save shop today, for $3.90. It has 10 eyeshadows in gorgeous shimmering colours, and had ‘Jewel Box’ on the lid in holographic lettering. How could I not? 😀

Kleancolor Jewel Box 02

There were a few different kinds of palettes: I was drawn to the golds and browns, and the aqua blue shades were pretty. I can’t wear these types of blue well, but I’m getting to a point in my life where the colours are more important, rather than ‘rules’, so I’ll find a way to make it work. 🙂


These swatches are a thick swipe over bare skin, no primer. Golds and browns – which get progressively prettier  and more pigmented as they move from left to right  (as they appear in the tray).

And blues – these were so pigmented. I had to wash these off, I couldn’t just wipe them off my arm (no primer, again in the order of which they are in the tray).

There’s the funniest little blurb on the underside of the tray: “Jewel Box is the perfect palette for creating mesmerising looks with portable collection of provocative hues in luxe pigments which deliver true color explosion. Simply sweep them on and let your inner gem shine through your eyes.” That sounds MOST uncomfortable 😀 But, even my 4.5 year old son thinks this box of eyeshadows is ‘tool’ (he can’t say a hard ‘k’ sound well yet, but rest assured he means ‘cool’). They are cool. I’ll try a few looks out later, and see if there is something I can show you 🙂


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