Kleancolor Holo Green – Swatches

Another in my set of Kleancolor Holos – please note that these are quite different to the Kleancolor CHUNKY holos, which are more like colour shifting iridescent glitters in a tinted (barely noticeable on the nail) base. These are colours with lots of mid sized scattered holographic glitter through it. 🙂

Kleancolor Holo Green

This is slightly more sheer than the Holo Orange – these photos are all three coats and top coat (Kleancolor Fast Dry). Top coat really makes these Kleancolor holos come alive.

This is a gorgeous springy colour! Not bright grass green, but more a soft sprouting shoot green, and looks good with my skin tone which is always nice :D. It also has a smell of incense, not as strongly as the Orange, but almost a rose incense smell? Strange, not too unpleasant, and fades moderately fast. (Its NOT scented, it’s just a polish smell, so will go away :D)

Extra Bonus: look how badly I munched up the polish on that middle nail!

There is still some visible nail line at 3 coats which is a bit annoying, but I love this colour, the soft prettiness of it. Also I had to chop my nails back – my index nail broke below the quick but has left enough nail to cover it (I patched it for some photos I’ll show later, but its nice to have that one short and not just waiting to rip at any moment) and sheer is a bit more wearable with shorter nails. The glitter also compensates for the sheer, as in the sunlight all that reflection covers any gaps 😀

This is an excellent layering polish: this is one coat of Holo Green over two coats of CR 19

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  1. I ordered a mini set of these fo’ free with my Copious $10.00 credit 😀 I can’t wait till they get here!

    I’m pretty sure you can still get the free $10.00 here btw (http://copious.com/invites/4fffe2c26058f1784f001385)

    The only holo’s I’ve really played with are by the Sally Hansen hard as nails, but they’re super chunky. I’m excited to get these & try them out in gradients!

    • You know we’ll be demanding the pictures, right? What fun! I’m a holo addict, and think there should be a health and safety warning with holographic polishes : you will get addicted. WARNING 😀

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