Kleancolor Holo Yellow

Another in the Kleancolor holographic range – this is the imaginatively named ‘Holo Yellow”. Ello, Yellow.

I’d describe this as a mustardy-yellow gold, with plenty PLENTY holographic glitter. This is much denser than the Holo Orange reviewed here, and I only needed two coats and top coat in these swatches.

I like this! I like it a lot. Its yellow, and it’s mustard, and it’s gold – and it doesn’t look like baby poop and it doesn’t make me look like a Simpson – all big pluses. If I can wear this yellow, I’d imagine almost anyone could. 🙂

I did get some tipwear after a day  and a half of wearing it, but this actually a pretty good wear time for me and my soft nails 🙂

I don’t think this would be a great layering polish, as it was quite opaque, but it is just gorgeous. Kleancolor does not test on animals, which is a huge draw for me. Affordable, quick drying, a huge range of colours – this one I purchased from BeautyJoint, but they also stock the range in certain shops around NZ. Well worth keeping an eye out for!


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  1. really pretty, and no, it doesnt look like baby poop .

  2. this is really pretty! I like it 🙂

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