Beach Holiday Nails… Holographic Sponged Gradient

I went on holiday over the weekend! First holiday I’ve been on in 4 years. Wow. Myself, the boys, and our dog drove to Castlepoint for the weekend with Sister V and her family, Sister C, and our mother G – she of the amazing Layla polishes. Mr Husband joined us on Saturday morning, and with the addition of my mothers two dogs we had a full house. It was lovely though, nice to see everyone together and very nice to see all the kids and dogs romping around. Plus the house we rented had a kitchen I would kill for. Sigh.

Here’s a photo of the lighthouse at Castlepoint – we walked up toΒ the top, and saw a seals swimming in the bay!!

Castlepoint Lighthouse, Wairarapa, New Zealand (blur courtesy of a childs nose print on the lens).

Anywho, because this is me, I decided I must have a special mani for the weekend, and grabbed inspiration from the Holographic Hussy’s amazing gradient manicure (blog post here). I adapted it for a beachy theme, and used Rivka Vanessa as the base (sand), Layla Mermaid Spell as the middle (foam) and Layla Ocean Rush on the tips (water). I literally just painted the polish onto a clean kitchen sponge and dabbed that over the two coats of Rivka Vanessa. It was quick and easy and didn’t use a whole heap of the polish, always a mega bonus!

non-direct light… shows the gradient. Mermaid Spell is such a gorgeous subtle green!

I loved this.

Inisde lighting..

I looooooveeed this.

I kept staring at this.

And yes, I’m writing in short lines so I can add more photos, because I took so many and I want to put them allll on here πŸ˜€

I didn’t put a top coat on, and there was significant tip wear within 24 hours, but thats sort of par for the course with unprotected holos. I took Ocean Rush along and just touched up the tips (does that sound rude to anyone else?!) and that was all fine and easy πŸ˜€

We even got my sister C wearing nail polish, Layla Flash Black over Color Club Alter Ego, and it looked amazing on her. I helped Sister V with a arty mani (stripes and dots in pastel holographic colours) which was fun, and my mother wore Ocean Rush and sat in the sunlight flicking her nails like a mesmerised irritated cat πŸ˜€

What do you think of this effect?


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  1. Amazing manicure! I am definitely going to have to get some Layla polish.

    • I’d recommend them! They are stunning. Plus, you can put them (dotted or gradient) over a slightly less holographic polish (like the Rivka) and it ups the holo effect of that one, too! Winnnnnn πŸ˜€

  2. That is so stunning, I’ll admit to staring wistfully at it ALL weekend! πŸ˜€

  3. super pretty!! the beach and the mani!! I just tried sponging yesterday.. fun!!!

  4. This is beautiful! I love the colors you use.

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