Depend No 41 – Swatches

Another cute wee Depend bottle, and this is a  super pretty one! Electric blue with a fine blue shimmer.

in the shade…

The polish was quite thin, but applied well, although some cleanup was needed. The good news is, it doesn’t stain – not in cleanup, or on removal. I did use a base coat on my nails, but I think I would have been alright without one, with this polish. It was also really quite sheer – and took three coat to reach bottle colour, and I didn’t think it would make it – it went on very, very teal. But it made it! See?

In the sun..check that shimmer out!

And heres a creepy photo – I just lifted my fingers off the table and the sun shone through my nail tips. What a strange photo. But yes, you see that although it looks opaque at three coats, it is a sheer polish in disguise 😀

Then I added dots from my Glitter Gal Fuchsia 3D holo… on ring finger, and thumb.

I could only get a really blurry photo with my thumb in it, as my camera batteries died RIGHT THEN. Sheesh. I quite like this photo though, in all it’s fuzziness!

Whole hand on the curtain photo..

And there you go. Depend 41 with Glitter Gal Fuchsia accents. 🙂

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