Miki 15 (Orange) and Dotty Mani

Three coats of Miki No,15- fanta orange with gold shimmer. Very pretty, lovely wide brush, great formula though a teeny bit sheer, covers well at three coats though.

It didn’t suit my skin tone, so I added dots for interest and to break up the orange. The dot colours were inspired by the labradorite ring I’m wearing.

Dotted Kleancolor Cobolt, then over dotted in the alternate line with CR 115 (the dark teal colour).

Then put random bits of glitter in green or blue on the dots for added interest, and top coat (Orly Sec n Dry).

I quite liked the finished effect, even with the orange! I liked the sparkle, and every time I looked at my hands I’d laugh – it looked like ladybirds on drugs had landed on my hands 😀


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  1. I think the orange suited you well! It looks great!

  2. Ami!!! It looked amazing without the dots silly lady!!!
    ❤ and hello! its tomorrow? were are you on instagram!!

    • hahaha you crack me up! I’m still adjusting to orange, ok? 😀
      I just had a look at it and you know what? I don’t use a camera phone. I don’t own a camera phone, or a smart phone, and I’m not going to for the forseeable future.. so, argh, its not going to work! I’ll have to keep stalking you on FB and here…

  3. careful Ami, ladybirds bite, and I think the orange is fantabulous on you.

    • fantabulous! Argh! 😀 Ladybirds bite YOU. I dont know many other people who have been bitten though, sorry! However, I guess ladybirds on drugs would be something to be cautious of… 😀

  4. Makes me think of Halloween ❤ which I love!

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