Layla Hologram: Flash Black – Swatches and Drool

Oh, wow.My mother…she is addicted to Layla Holographic polishes. I blame her not one iota. She bought this, and wore it… and the holographicness was stunning, but it looked a little flat and grey on the nail (bare nail, primed with buffer etc etc etc). So, when she lent it to me to try (THANK YOU! SQUEEE!), I put on two coats of Color Club After Hours first. So, these swatches are two coats of Layla Flash Black over the After Hours – and it made a big difference to how deep, rich, and dark Flash Black looked:

Layla Flash Black in the shade

This was Flash Black inside, no direct sunlight, and you can still see the ghost rainbow dancing around in the charcoal grey.

And then I took it outside, into the early morning winter sunshine…

And fell in love. I mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And a whole hand photo….

No camera trickery here – this is what Flash Black (over After Hours) looks like in the sunshine.

There was no top coat on here, I do find there is a tiny bit of rainbow dulling with my fast dry top coat, and I don’t have any other kind. I still got a good two days wear out of this before the chipping became noticeable. This was an amazing polish. I spent two days staring at my hands. I do wish it was black black, but.. this is one of only three polishes I have that I would be ok with having on permanently (the other two, off the top of my head, being Orly Space Cadet and A-England Dragon, subject to change!). I will buy this polish one day. It will be mine. Oh yes…

Have a great day!



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  1. Amazing holo! I think this might have to be added to my wish list. Sadly I’ve yet to purchase a bottle of Layla polish.

  2. I would looooove the Layla holographics but sadly I just don’t have the money T_T
    I’ll just ogle your swatches and feel jealous of your mum instead :3
    -Del xx

    • I know, I feel jealous of her too, and grateful to get the chance to swatch them, of course. They are on Candy Girl NZ, but yes, ouchie prices. If I win lotto I’ll get some for both of us, ok? 😀

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