Ro Vie Eyeshadow: Strawberry Bonbon – swatches and review

This has to be one of the longest, most drawn out, blog attempts I’ve made. I bought this eyeshadow (and another, Sugared Almond and I’ll review that soon, it won’t take long!) a few months ago, and have been trying to get good photos of this pretty since then. What a hard colour to swatch!

Anyway – off the whinging, back on topic. This is Strawberry Bonbon from Ro Vie,

Ro Vie Strawberry Bonbon

Ro Vie describe it on it’s page as: “Ohh la la! A delectable gleam of chameleon color. Open the pot and you’ll see a neutral pearly pink. Sweep it on, however, and the subtlest iridescent lavender appears. This whitish powder- pearlyzed by a touch of purple- is a gorgeous way to light up eyes.  Beautiful everyday to make your peepers pop.”

Here it is in the container, its a lovely pale pinky loose powder, with an iridescent light purple sparkle.

You can see the lilac shimmer in the bottom of the photo, where the bulk of the powder isn’t 🙂

Heavily swatched on my wrist, over an eyeshadow primer – it is SO hard to get a good photo of this! It is sheer, but flashes lilac in the light.

One of the most interesting things about it is what it does to eyeliner: Here is eyeliners (different colours) swatched on my bare arm:

And with a light sweep of Strawberry bonbon on the top half of the liners:

Ro Vie Strawberry Bonbon on the tophalf of the eyeliners..

See? Blurple! For some reason, it turns every eyeliner I own into a blueish purple liner – even if I put the liner on top of the shadow. Interesting, huh? I have found that, as I don’t always want blurple eyeliner, that it’s best to use another shadow, wet, as an eyeliner, or – in these following swatches; a glitter liner. That stays true to colour.


Do you know how hard it is to take photo of your own EYE? 😀


This look is with Dollface Satin under the brow bone, Ro Vie Strawberry Bonbon all over eyelid, and a silver glitter gel with added Chromatic Cosmetics silver holo glitter in Rollin’ Face as eyeliner. I used Kleancolor eyeshadow primer as a base.

These photos are so frustrating – although the Strawberry Bonbon IS sheer, it’s not THAT sheer! It is highly shimmery and reflective, so you definitely see it as a bright wash of lilac in real life. I just couldn’t capture the true prettiness on camera, and believe me, I’ve tried – over many, many days.

But, there you have it, Strawberry Bonbon by Ro Vie as best as my camera and skills will allow. I can say that this colour lasts – at least 8 hours; longer with primer. It doesn’t crease – sometimes a tiny bit, but one quick smudge with a finger and thats that, no more creasing all day. It looks good with blue eyes, it looks FANTASTIC with Ro Vie Blackcurrent Cream (with wet brush) as the liner with blue eyes, and think it would love equally good with brown and green eyes.

It costs $20 from Ro Vie, for a 5gm loose powder pot, and that should last about.. ooh.. 20 years, probably at the rate I wear makeup, but a LLOOONNNNGGG time for anyone! It’s a very soft and silky powder, and doesn’t fall under your eye when you are applying it.

You can also contact, read about, and admire Ro Vie cosmetics via their Facebook page, here. They often have special and sales, ‘like’ their page and keep up with the news! 🙂


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  1. you really need to come over sometime and throw out my 40 year old make up and show me what to do with new stuff, I am hopeless. I like the glitter, as I would

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