Nail Files: Bare Nail Tag!

This is a great idea from Girl In The Glasses, about showing our naked, natural nail. Just for fun, I guess, and to prove we’ve all got real nails (in my case, real yellowish nails!). She tagged me in to join, so here is my photo of my nails, this very morning, cleaned and buffed but with no polish on them. Sheesh. I should use base coat more often, and its into the baking soda to make these whiter I guess!



Nail Files: Bare All Tag:

•Include a photo of your clean, product free, natural nails. Don’t be shy! You can see mine are yellowish, and my middle finger nail hasn’t fully grown to the length of the others, and my nails flake along the top (biggest nail problem, actually. Then whats left is floppy and weak and breaks off. First World Problems! hehehe)

•Preferred length:  Just over my fingernail. Anything longer means I can’t play the guitar, and interferes with my life too much (eg I scratch my kids or break them)

•Preferred shape:  Slightly rounded square!

•Favorite base coat:  Revlon Colorstay

•Favorite top coat:  Orly In A Snap

•Favorite cuticle cream/oil:  Hmm… don’t really use any. Olive oil or Sweet Almond Oil, I did have some ‘Seacret’ oil, but it stunk.

•Favorite hand cream:  Anything and everything. I’m crazy hard on my hands so if it moisturises, it goes on my hands. All time favourite is Tiny Hands from Lush.

•Favorite nail clippers:  Seriously?! Um. Ok. Whatever I can find. The kids nail clippers at the moment. I’ll call it Bob, it doesn’t have a name 😉

•Favorite nail file:  again, whatever I can find. My long suffering metal file. Possibly why my nails split, but its the only one I can ever find.

•Favorite remover:  Whatever’s cheapest on shopping day 🙂

•Self or professional manicure:  I’ve never had a professional manicure in my life. I’d seriously love one though, and a pedi. Sigh. Seems utterly decadent to me.

•How often do you polish:  Depends! Anything from 2-3 times a day (very rare) to once a week. Would probably average out ever 2 or 3 days.

•Most wanted nail product:  Wow. So many. At the moment I want most of the Cult nail polish range.

•Be sure to include the nail files bare all tag in your post or video response as I have below.   TAG…you’re it!


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  1. Ooh fun! *scurries off to prepare post*
    -Del xx

  2. Thanks for taking part!

  3. thank you for the birthday wishes… idk if i can do this type of nail porn ami!!! omg!!!

  4. I’m so doing this – my nails look just like yours, actually probably worse 😛

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