Misa Grey Matters with Red, White and Black top coat effects

There are a few indie polishes around that are similar in concept to my beloved Sticks and Stones, but red, black, and white instead of just black and white. They’re power colours, to me, and I love them. Sticks and Stones is, of course, gorgeous over red whereas one containing red glitter would be harder to match, but I want one, someday.
So there I am, in the $2 shop, when I hear this 4ME polish whispering my name.
It has tiny red and silver glitter particles in a clear base.. and the possibility of using this with Sticks and Stones grabbed me almost as fast as I grabbed the bottle.

My immediate thought for a base colour was grey, so I went for Misa Grey Matters – lovely soft grey with subtle silver shimmer and black speckles – earlier swatches here. These photos were two coats.

Nice, I think! Then to add a thin coat of Cover Band’s Sticks and Stones, and Orly Sec ‘n’ Dry topcoat.

Pity the glitter in the 4ME polish was so much smaller, but I still liked this combo! It was quite different, as Sticks and Stones are matte glitters, and 4ME is shiny, but it still worked. For now, this eases the lemming, and gives me more to play with.
Another angle – this one shows that silver shimmer in the Misa base.

And a whole hand photo – you can see that from arms length the black and white is far more obvious, and is a nice effect on its own anyway. Win / win!

Have a great day

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  1. gorgeous polish! I like your rings, too 😛

  2. Very cute! Maybe I should try something similar with my countless glitter polishes and my now-much-adored bottle of Sticks ‘n Stones…I want to wear it all the time but I also don’t want to use it all too fast :O
    -Del xx

    • I have that issue! Or accent nails it.. or just use it and smile, its not like we use MUCH at a time… I’ve barely dented mine and you know how I abuse it 😀

      • This is true… And as long as I get photos of every time I use it, when it runs out I can abuse myself by looking at the pictures and remembering the good times while I mourn XD

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