Another Caravan Update – phew!

So, mostly photos today – I’m very tired. BUT lookie! We put up some wallpaper, and have done more work on the ugly green ceiling and the cupboard!

If you want to see the in-between photos, that link is here.

So..ceiling: I sponged on the blue, and I ran out before I was finished. I only had a test pot, and a whole caravan ceiling.. and in attempting to make the paint go the distance, and trying to see my handiwork past the reflection of the Green Ugly Ceiling, I’ve done a wee bit of damage to my neck. Ah well, muscles heal.  I’ll need another test pot, so will sponge some more randomly around, and brighten the blue a bit.

Then I dabbed on a bit of gold – must say it wasn’t the effect I hoped for, but it’s liveable with, and I’ll be able to add more over time until I’m content. This is MUCH better than the green, I think.

Kinda hippyish. But still a work in progress.

And Mr Husband put up a wall of wallpaper! This is the black I used for the jewellery hangers, and there was only just enough for the wall. Still, doesn’t it look awesome?

Made me the happy!

And I put another type of wallpaper on the shelves of the cupboard, and one I got as a free sample because I thought it was art – thats hiding the scribbles. I’ll make something frame-ish for that, and call it done methinks.

the flowers are raised, and fluffy. So not only pretty (in a small strip, I cant imagine it as a whole wall/room) its really nice to touch, as well as look at.


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  1. actually, I really like the ceiling, it has a real cool, blue green night time feel with a bit of ocean, and the wall paper is awesome. well done.

    • Thank you! Thats why I put the green on, as a base and because they were in the same tone range as each other, so it doesnt look too horrific peeking through the blue. You have to come and seeee it!

  2. This looks awesome! 😀

  3. I love it more and more and more.

    • Yay! I did two more walls yesterday, now just one to go. I have wallpaper but.. I dont think enough, so I’ll check that or go scouting. But it’s looking better and better!

  4. Yay, indeed! I’m loving it so far. The wallpaper is excellent, and the blue on the ceiling is much better. It think it’ll look great when you finish sponging on the gold. It’s going to be like a wonderland in there!


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